Thursday, February 3, 2011

Long time and lots to tell you about!

I know it has been an exceptionally long time since I have been on here and posted a single thing but there has been lots going on. As I last told you all, I got my alcohol server permit. I am still a cook at the VFW near me and I have been waiting tables on Saturday while bingo is going on as well as when needed for Sunday nights. Later this month I will be getting to bartend. My little man is now 10 months and my big boy is almost 4 (this July) No plans in the foreseeable near future for any new additions to our family. We hope that by this time next year we are in a different home than we are in now, one with more room for the kids to run and play. Hubby got a promotion and is now the head bartender at the sushi place where he works. Sadly my Dell computer broke the other day so I now have a new Samsung that I am setting up. I am still currently waiting for photoshop cs4 or cs5 to be installed on it. I now have a Wacom Bamboo pad that I have never worked with, I just got it so I will be trying to set it up and play with it soon. I hope to have a lot of new things in store for you here very, very soon. For all of you who have the Hallmark Card program I will be sharing some of the cards that I have made with it.

If there is anything that you would like to see specifically from me please, please, please don't hesitate to let me know.  Just comment on the post or send me an email, I would truly love to hear from all of you.


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