Friday, August 29, 2008

These are the 2 grab bags i now have available! from now till the end of September they are 50% off the regular price of $5.00 that means you can get both for the regualr price of 1! here is a little something for you just for looking!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


yes i have a CU freebie for EVERYONE!!! i've been neglecting my blog i know so here is a way for me to say i'm sorry... I hope you all enjoy it! i have lots of new things up in the store And since school is starting soon they are all listed at great prices! most of my new mini kits are for $1.00!!!!!! how great is that??? What are you waiting for.. go check them out and get your freebie! there are also several other freebies from me at the store as well!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

here are some new los i made for DSS!

this is Summer doodle By Stacey Crossley.. It's a great kit for summer time adventures, days at the park or the pool. You can get it at or click on one of the lo's to go to the kit in the store. The first lo: this is Jessica and her many different sides of her personality, jessica is a cousin of mine that is 12 now. the second lo: this is Ali & Breanna who are sisters and bestfriends.
1. Wallow Hmk - used for jessica
2. Tiger Rag LET- used for ali and breanna

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


this is a great kit by Michelle Squires Found here at DSS! i also had the privilege to use her cardboard alpha found here. Its all really amazing! Jesse is my son and he's in the first LO getting in trouble for getting into Nana's sign Vinyl..He goes to work with her once in a while, i used her cardboad alpha in this LO because i thought it was a nice contrast, i used Gweet HMK Bold for the font. For the second LO, it has my friends son Drake in it.. this little cuttie love watermelon! and i managed to get these great shots while we were all trying to beat the heat one hot day this sumer. I love the word art that comes with this amazing kit! and the great Splatters! I used Letter gothic std for the font in this one. Its a wonderful kit for anyone that has a little guy in their life!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Here I am!!!

Sorry everyone.. we are still cleaning the house.. my hubby and I got vacation at the same time.. we were going to go to California to visit some friends but money is tight so we decided to take the time off anyway and just clean the house.. go through EVERYTHING we own. Yeah should have gotten more days off for this endeavor! well we are ALMOST done with the downstairs.. then we have Mount Fugi to concur.. i swear we doubled our wardrobe with what we found stashed away.. no clue how it all got there! The bad news.. i have a friend who is suppose to be coming over tonight and the house better look nice!!! And Jesse is staying the night for the first time ever away from home! he will be with his Nana and Papa... hope they can handle him.. i really don't want to go get him at like 3:30 in the morning :(
so anyway.. i have some LO's to share with you that my CT have been busy making! also i wanted to let everyone know that i will be coming out with a series of mini kits.. they are all going to be color themed.. also you will have the ability to buy them separate or in a large group! the idea behind the separate is so that you can make your own full sized kit based on what colors you like... how cool is that??? so onto the lo's!
This is a sneak peak of my Green Envy mini kit.. its part of the series i told you about!
This is from my Sunset mini kit.. also part of the series!
This is made with my Citrus Splash kit that is available in the store right now! till the end of Aug. it will be discounted!
This is also made with my Green Envy mini kit!
This is made with my Sunset mini kit!
Hope you enjoyed.. here is a little gift for you if you made it all the way down to here!(click here to find out what it is!) also please be sure to leave some love.. or a suggestion.. thanks!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here are some layouts for DSS:

Sticking With Glitter Alpha
Copper Works

These are Both wonderful Products from Inspiredbydominic Designs. The Glitter Alpha works perfectly with the Copper works kit! I just love how versitile the kit is and how the Alpoha could be used with just about any theme or photo! The Copper Works kit is great for all of those special moments that need to be scrapped.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have another new kit!

I have a few new things in the store for everyone! along with a couple new freebies for everyone there in the store. Here's a look at my new kits and at your blog freebie! hope to see you around.. also please leave a comment if you download so i know if you liked it or not.. this freebie goes perfect with my newest kit, Citrus Splash!
Take care till next time!

FYI: The Bugs in the preview above are part of the Citrus Splash kit and are CU, The tags in the preview are also in the Citrus Splash Kit.. i just wanted to show them off! they didn't fit in the preview so I wanted to show them to you.

Thursday, August 7, 2008




The kit that I am sooo excited about, Tropical Punch, will be release 8/8/08 and will be 50% off!!!!!
So grab yours while it's on sale! I have a special gift for you today while you wait for the kit to get into the store feel free to play around with this QP.. also don't forget to see what else I have in the store at the moment.
Above is a GREAT LO made by JaxV with my Tropical Punch kit! what a wonderful LO and QP?!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lets get pumpped up!

i have a new kit available FRIDAY, AUG. 8th! here are the previews. and a special gift for you.. a quick page along with a LO to show off this kit! it's huge! 8 papers, and 45 or more elements! it will normally be $5.50 (usd) but for the REST OF THIS MONTH ONLY it will be 50% off!!!! The beaded frame is from my package of 30 (10 each of 3 different shapes) star, circle and square frames. (click the QP to get it!) thanks and have a great day till next time!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The first LO is for a challenge at Scrappinoutlout
it's the template challenge and i used pics of my son Jesse when he was born (he's now just over a year!) my time sure flies doesn't it. LOL The second LO is for the template challenge at Digibydesign My sister Amber-Lynn made it(she likes to do challenges there) and used our older brother's daughter for it. He's in his 40's and his daughter just turned 18 (she's a lot closer to our age than one would think) lol. and here is your special gift for looking, it's a button that goes great with my big boys kit and add on.

Edited: Sorry about that, ladies.. my internet was down and i barely got this post posted.Littlebitz D-zynz made the template and I used my pink Coffee shop kit. The font is SuccotashHmkBlack.

Friday, August 1, 2008

This first LO is done with my Big Boys Add on kit Done by My CT JAX! The bottom LO is done with mostly my Big Boys kit in the store now.. Click the large LO to go to the store.
Below is a template just for you! Please leave some feed back to let me know what you think. Also don't forget i am having a NAME that kit challenge here on my blog, check out that post by going to Labels and clicking Name that kit. Also if you visit the store don't forget to go to the forum where there are challenges up including one i am doing!