Tuesday, October 26, 2010

update once again

Sorry ladies and gents that I've been away a lot lately. I have my alcohol service permit now and have been training on my own time a the bar where I work as a cook. Hubby has been working a lot and we have had to get my oldest evaluated for some learning/speach/attention things. They want him back to do further testing sometime next week or after that. I'll let you know more after that.
As for my grandfather, he chose to not get chemo done after all. He decided for him being sick and the other bad things that come with chemo wasn't worth the extra 5% cure rate he would recieve. But he's doing great so far.
We will be going to the pumpkin patch here tomorrow after work! Can't wait and hope it doesnt rain.it will be a little while before you see anything new from me but i hope to get you lovely people some awesome holiday gifts and special treats for the season. so i hope to see you all around before too, life just has been so busy!

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