Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So today we found out....

We found out today that my last grandpa has cancer. It's a small tumor on his upper lobe of one of his lungs which should be easily removed. He has an abnormality to one of his lymph nodes on that side (the one under the arm) and they may need to remove that and do chemo just to be on the safe side. My mom isn't handling it well at all, mostly because it's her last living parent. Because she is in such a bad mood she decided tonight she would take it out on the rest of us and pretend like we aren't effected by this new development in life so the kids and i are back at our house, still without a car. It's been in the shop for nearly 2 months now but we should be getting it back tomorrow, now i just need to find a way to work tomorrow. Yep, i have a job now. Only part time but that is much better than no job at all. I'm a cook up at the local VFW and i rather enjoy it there.
Yes, I am worried about my grandpa but i know personally that you can't change what it is and whatever the outcome may be will be what it is. Some of you might know that I had surgery for a type of skin cancer at age 19. I'm now 24 and happy (for the most part, working everyday to make life better and easier) and healthy. I know just how scary it can be to be told that you need surgery and it's for cancer. Something that i hope neither of my kids will have to endure and something that I hope i never have to deal with again. But I also dont think its right to take out your anger on people that have only been helping and making life easier on you as much as they can.
I would like to start getting a few designers together to work on a cancer charity kit. Based on this new development of lung cancer in my family i would like to focus on that form of cancer. If you would like to contribute please email me at with the subject 'cancer kit' and i would be glad to give you the details.
Thank you all for your support and assistance,
Jordan Lancing

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