Friday, June 25, 2010

Layouts and new products!!

Ok so i have been busy with the kids this last week. Over at my mom's most days. My oldest has enjoyed the new sandbox and the freedom of being able to come and go as he pleases from the house to the yard. My youngest sleeps so much better when we are there, well, except for last night but that was an intestinal problem that was fixed today. Poor kid evidently got backed up and a bottle of nothing but water helped him today. He was in a much better mood after one heck of a smelly diaper! LOL My husband and i have been cooking dinner over there so that she didnt have to worry about it. We also have been whacking down weeds that have had the chance to grow wildly over the winter, with all the rain we were having till recently we couldnt hack them down till now. But yard is looking much better, still a work in progress. We plan on putting in a few more toys and a swing set for my oldest to play on, but that all has to wait till we get further along with the yard clean up. So last night we did a big bbq for dinner and used the treager grill for it. And YUMMY it was. Well i was in charge of flipping the switch back and forth between High and low so i toted my pc out there and was playing with photoshop and some actions. I created a new product thatgoes perfectly alone or with my new kit Boy Town. I'll show you sometime soon, I cant seem to upload it right now to the store.. its got to be having issues.

And here is the full kit for Boys Town (im not including the add-ons in this post but you can check previous posts and see all of them including a freebie that is up at DSS.
Boys Town- Kit- Ms. Jordan

Dont forget to check out Friday express at DSS, I have 5 Great products available in that sections today. These are products that are normally $4 and over but they are available for $2 just for Friday Express and they change weekly!!
 Here are the products i have available this week:
Boys Town- Kit- Ms. JordanLazy Sofa Days - Add-on Kit -Ms. Jordan4 Color Flower Action - Ms. JordanLazy Sofa Days Kit - Ms. JordanLazy Sofa Days - Quick Pages Ms. Jordan

Now I have some layouts that i would love to share with you. These were a lot of fun creating.
 These layouts are made using Natural Spring created by Inspired By Dominic Designs and JennCk Designs as well. In the layout above I used International Palms as my font for the date. The photo is of a friend and my oldest while at the Oregon Zoo walking through an area where the plants create an arch for the kids to walk through. Below, is a layout created with the same kit showcasing a photo of the neighbor girl in the rain with her pink umbrella.
 I have one last layout to show you and it is made using A collab between Inspired By Dominic Designs and JayaPrem's Hangout, it's called Beth. I also used Inspired By Dominic Designs Vol. 1 of her break it down.

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Tiffany said...

Fantastic layouts! I love the way you buttoned the paper on. :)