Friday, June 4, 2010

Challenge 2!!

Well it's time for challenge 2 to be posted.and i hope you are remembering to finish challenge 1 before midnight on June 6th.
Challenge #2
Welcome to challenge #2! This time around we will be using a template to create a layout of your choice. You may flip, rotate or anything with this template, simply just use it. You may use any kit you wish, by any designer you wish. But here is the kicker, if you use a kit by me (Ms. Jordan) then you will earn 2 bonus entries, however if you use any kit available at Digiscrapstation you will earn 1 bonus entry (my kits are not included in the one bonus entry since you will be getting 2 bonus entries).
Please upload your layout to the gallery and post a comment to this blog post with the link to your layout as well as a link to the kit you used if you used one of mine or one from digiscrapstation.

 Please remember the basics of each challenge:  With every challenge there are some basic rules. Follow all of the directions listed (some will be very different from others) and upload your layout to the gallery at Digiscrapstation, found here. Once you have done that, come back to the blog post for that challenge and post a comment, in that comment ALWAYS post with the same name. Always use the same name in the gallery at Digiscrapstation. If you don’t follow this, I can’t make sure you get any participation prize awarded for that challenge and I cant make sure that you are the one who gets the entry into the pot for one of the top 3 prize bundles.  Layouts will always be due no later than 12pm (midnight) PST (pacific standard time) on the date given, if no date is given then the layout is due by midnight on the 30th of June.

To download the template for this challenge please click here.

For every completed layout you will be given one (1) entry into the pot for one of the top 3 prize bundles. There will be some instances where you are able to earn a bonus entry into the pot. You will be given information on those along the way for those specific challenges.  If you have any questions please email me at and I will gladly and promptly answer those questions. All questions asked will be compiled into a blog post that will be posted several times throughout the course of these wonderful month long adventure for those that seek answers before emailing me.
Most of all have fun with these challenges!

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