Sunday, July 26, 2009

I know i have been gone but im back... for the most part!

I have been gone due to lots of things in my personal life.
to name a few:
I had a breast reduction, it took almost a month before i could even hug my son!
My cousin had a 4 wheeler accident and ended up in a coma, he has just recently woken up but is still learning how to do things again.
I had a miscarriage in early July.

My husband and son have had birthdays this July.
I am now helping a friend out who doesn't have a job and has been kicked out of his moms, so he is living with bus until he finds a job and can move out or till he patches things up with his girlfriend who is moving back to Oregon.
I am also working with my mom and her dad on trying to get my papa (another grandpa) the help he needs as he ages, (the people who live with him aren't doing him any favors).

I have been creating and have some great products to show you.

Lazy Sofa Days (D091)


This is a HUGE kit full of soft, grungy, and comfortable colors and textures. Its jam packed with loads of goodies. There are 25 papers and 84 embellishments! If there isnt something here for you to create an entire album then you should keep your eye out for the Add-on that will go perfect with this!

This kit was created because we decided we needed anew couch, these are the colors from the sofa and my living room decor. This is the perfect kit to scrap those snuggly and sleepy lazy days of sitting and sleeping on the sofa. those wintery days that keep you inside and warm or those scolding hot summer days that you lay there with the fan and air conditioner on, to those simple days of just snuggling and watching a movie or tv with the family. This is the perfect kit for you collection. dont forget to grab your brag book pages or your quick pages either! S4H/S4O/PU friendly

You can get it here

And the paper pack!

Lazy Sofa Days Paper Pack (D091)


This pack of 25 papers is from my "Lazy Sofa Days" kit. It is soft and grungy and has comfortable colors and textures.

The kit was created because we decided we needed a new couch. These are the colors from the sofa and my living room decor.

S4H/S4O/PU friendly

You can get it here

Please accept the freebie i have planned for tomorrow as my way of saying sorry.

here is a tiny sample of what you will get;

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