Wednesday, October 29, 2008

DSD!!!! lets get ready for it!!!

So here's what you have to look forward to!

Scavanger hunt at, Blog train with freebies that go with the wonderful Collab you'll be huntin' down at the site! plus many of us will have freebies of our own to give out.. ones that have nothing to do with the Collab... The store will also be on sale! THE WHOLE STORE!!!! everyone will be 35% or MORE off!

I will be having a 50% off sale at my store there! Thats on top of any specials i already had and you can get my freebies for your surprise! it could be very helpful in the store! (hehehe) I will be having some VERY SPECIAL freebies that you wont be able to get ANYPLACE ELSE!!!! and you wont ever be able to get then any other time! they will be locked away in the Vault! I will also be Running a small challenge here on DSD! you'll have to wait till then to hear more!
And remember ALL of the DSD fun that i just mentioned will be going on for BOTH Nov. 1st and Nov. 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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